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Be-Bop Biscotti is an Oregon based company that bakes gourmet hand-crafted biscotti. Be-Bop strives to bring its customers an eye-catching, uniquely flavored gourmet product, made using only the finest ingredients. Be-Bop proudly offers gourmet biscotti generously hand-dipped and finished in chocolate Icings. 

From its humble development by a jazz loving pastry chef, Be-Bop Biscotti has grown to be one of the preeminent suppliers of gourmet biscotti. Our biscotti are available at specialty shops and retail locations across the United States and Canada. If you are interested in carrying Be-Bop Biscotti we can either ship to you directly or introduce you to one of the many distributors that stock Be-Bop Biscotti. For wholesale information or to find a retailer near you please either email info@be-bop.net or call us at (888) 545-7487.